Sticks Small Mirror-000194

Sticks Small Mirror-000194

Code: STK_M_000194

Price: $639.00


A Sticks mirror that is a great gift for your favorite fresh water fisherman, or change the trout image on the bottom and replace it with something that better fits your family. The top theme of this mirror is "Seize the day, relish the night." The perimeter icons, done in Sticks floating style, include: be a star, cozy in, give, hike the dunes, to know love, eat good food, walk in the woods, read books, and make a toast. Constructed, drawn, wood burned and painted by Sticks artists. This mirror can be made in three different sizes to fit your needs. Small (frame size- 29" tall x 19" wide. mirror size- 16.5" tall x 9" wide). Medium (frame size- 33" tall x 24" wide. mirror size- 19.5" tall x 14" wide) Large (frame size- 40" tall x 24" wide. Large mirrors include a sculpture piece at the top and a shelf at the bottom.) Please allow 6-8 weeks for all Sticks catalog pieces.