Sticks Small Mirror-000201

Sticks Small Mirror-000201

Code: STK_M_000201

Price: $639.00


"The secret to life is enjoying the passage of time" Sticks mirror. This original photograph is a large size sticks mirror. If you want the mirror remade to be a small or medium size, the mirror would not have the sculptural bird top or the shelf along the bottom, and would have a total of 10 icons down the perimeter of the mirror (not the 12 shown). Please let us know the two icons you would remove if selecting a smaller size. All other elements will be the same in the smaller sizes. the image across the top of this mirror is a vibrant green landscape with a house, water and a boat. The icons down the perimeter of the mirror include: be a star, know love, cherish family, wonder, read, play, be healthy, climb high, love nature, be creative, go places, laugh a lot. The shelf on the large size mirror says follow your heart. If ordering a smaller size, this message will be places on the smaller blank area on the bottom of the mirror structure. Constructed, drawn, wood burned and painted by Sticks artists. This mirror can be made in three different sizes to fit your needs. Small (frame size- 29" tall x 19" wide. mirror size- 16.5" tall x 9" wide). Medium (frame size- 33" tall x 24" wide. mirror size- 19.5" tall x 14" wide) Large (frame size- 40" tall x 24" wide. Large mirrors include a sculpture piece at the top and a shelf at the bottom.) Please allow 6-8 weeks for all Sticks catalog pieces.