Sabra Field Floating Farmland

Sabra Field Floating Farmland

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Floating Farmlands by Sabra Field

Floating Farmlands presents Sabra Field's memory of the view across Lake Champlain. It has been beautifully framed with wood dyed a transparent charcoal/ hints of green-blue which emphasize the dreamlike imagery Sabra created.

This print is BIG and very demanding of your attention. Perfect for a large entry way, over a fire place, or anywhere you can imagine placing a stunning Vermont piece. Unframed this print measures 16" by 32". Custom framed by Stowe Craft, Floating Farmlands measures a remarkable 41.0" x 25.5".

Sabra Field says about this piece: "During our month on Kauai, I loved making paintings and prints of the new subjects all around me. By the end, I was homesick for Vermont so I did the preliminary watercolor for this memory of the Champlain Valley and the Green Mountains from the lake the day before we came home."

this is a limited edition of 100 but this particular piece is an artists proof signed and numbered as "A/P"

What is an Artists Proof?

Artists Proof or A/P Prints are outside the regular edition and are equal in quality to the edition and signed as Artist Proof or A/P by the artist. They were traditionally the property of the artist and usually limited to 10-15% of the edition as well as being priced slightly higher due to the restricted supply.

What is important to note is that the Artist Proof prints of today are of the exact quality, type, media etc as the regular edition. The only difference between them is the restricted quantity of prints bearing the A/P designation. In today's print market, the A/P edition prints are normally sold along side the regular edition prints at a slight premium.