Sticks Art Clock CLK006

Sticks Art Clock CLK006

Code: stk-clkD7_00009818

Price: $529.00


Made from birch- poplar and driftwood- this rustic colorful wooden wall clock displays a set of very playful and sweet- springtime images. The center features 3 flowers and a small bee surrounding the numerals- while at the very top of the item you can see a larger butterfly with the sun in the back. The colors used for the creation of this item are gentler and reflect a sense of calmness and peace: light brown and nude along with touches of orange- blue- green and yellow. At each corner of the square-shaped item you can see fun and positive message hand written across: Make the time sweet- Know love- Inspire- Creative- Today is the day- Love life- Believe- Grow- Dream and Wonder.

Size:2"D 13"W 12-16"H