Time Flies Canary Wood

Time Flies Canary Wood

Code: time-fly-canary-bergeson

Price: $650.00


Bergeson's Canary wood Time Fly kaleidoscope is a rare and beautiful sculpture. The canary wood comes from Indian mulberry and tulip wood trees. It has beautful streaks of orange and red and occasionally hints of white or black. It is an amazing looking kaleidoscope. The object chamber is unique: an 8.5 inch x 1.5 inch liquid filled cell with tons of different colored pieces inside. You can turn it and see the contents tumble and twirl. You can also slide it back and forth changing teclors and patterns. The way it is designed, the object chamber pulls in lots of \light so your view is always bright and crissp.

The 'scope itself has a 12 1/2 inch long bubinga wood barrel. The 3 point base is 9 inches wide, very stable and made with Canary and maple wood. Inside, Henry has configured a in a 3 mirror system which makes the images repeat and "fly" off into infinity in every direction.