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Handcrafted Strellman’s Dramatic Lighthouse Lens Cut Rings & Jewelry Back by Popular Demand at Stowe Craft Gallery

We are so excited to announce that we now are carrying Strellman’s Fine Jewelry once again at Stowe Craft Gallery. For years Strellman’s Jewelry with their distinctive Lighthouse lens cut was one of out best selling jewelers.

Since 1948, Strellman’s Jewelry has been creating and offering some of the most intriguing, interesting, and dramatic jewelry. Each piece combines precious stones and metals for someone that is just as precious and unique. With gems, sterling silver or gold, each piece is sure to dazzle and shine for the loved one in your life.

Their master goldsmiths, designers, and staff follow a commitment to the finest quality jewelry, innovative designs, and a history of superior service established by Richard Strellman who started the business back in 1948 in Oregon state.

Strellman started this journey on a small scale selling orange padparadshcah sapphire stones (Singhalese for salmon colored lotus blossom) to local jewelers. Later, he added lab created and genuine stones in a wide variety of colors and shapes. These were set in beautiful mountings inspired by talented designers. With increased demand for this jewelry with “dramatic flair”, Richard was compelled to establish the Strellman’s line of jewelry which continues today from Minnesota. To this day the orange padparadschah sapphire pieces are still the best sellers.

Blue Spinel and Gold Strellman's Ring

Blue Spinel and Gold Strellman’s Ring

The Strellman’s Jewelry Original Lighthouse Lens Cut

Strellman’s dramatic jewelry has long been known for it’s world famous original lighthouse lens cut. It is literally a cut above the rest. Each Lighthouse Lens Cut gem is cut with the grain to achieve the maximum brilliance, sparkle and color dispersion. The Lighthouse Lens Cut requires about 125 carats of “rough” to achieve a small 10 ct gemstone- that is a lot of refining! These sophisticated cutting techniques are then paired with pristine polishing for an added dramatic viewing experience.

Padparadschah Lighthouse Lens Cut Ring by Strellman's Fine Dramatic Jewelry

Padparadschah Lighthouse Lens Cut Ring by Strellman’s Fine Dramatic Jewelry

So why’s it called a lighthouse lens cut?

The classic Lighthouse Lens Cut’s name is coined due to it’s faceting similar to the French “fresne” (pronounced fray-nel) lighthouse lens created to direct a beam of light to be seen out to sea. The lens cut stones sparkle, reflect and project light just like a lighthouse would. No other stone cut could do the same.


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