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Commercial Interior Design in Vermont

Here you will be able to see work Susan has done in the Stowe Area Welcome Center and a total renovation of a large restaurant. Another project here was a large sales and manufactiring space where Susan he project did not use a single "out of a catalog" piece. Instead it was down and dirty hunting for industrial salvage we could re-purpose. Old wooden bleachers were used for the desk tops. Discarded plastic and metal chairs, from the state of Vermont offices, were up-cycled for the community table and conference rooms. A discarded, wooden over-sized cable spool provided the base for the community table, and sheets of natural dyed Velcro Mat created the table top. Non-functional solar panels seemed just perfect to create the conference table top. Corrugated roofing provided interesting textures as room dividers and a planter. Reclaimed old doors were put on barn sliders to close off the conference room. A rolling plans table was made using a stainless steel cart courtesy of the Vermont State Surplus barn.