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Mytchell Mead Contemporary Fine Art

Abstract wall art in steel and wood

Mytchell Mead's Abstract Wall Art

These large pieces by Colorado Springs artist Mytchell Mead take on a life of their own even as he creates them. Though he begins each piece with an idea, the steel often surprises Mead. He uses a process similar to etching and patinating, combined with his personal experimentations. What results is the true character of the steel. Each piece is entirely one-of-a-kind and cannot be duplicated.

The Artist's Journey

Art was not Mytchell Mead's first path in life. He began his career as an MBA working in high tech. Trips around the world for his job brought different inspirations to his work. Eastern thought from Japan, classical regiment from Europe, and working the earth from South America are all mixed into Mead's steel and wood pieces. He has been creating his art for two decades.