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Sticks Mirrors

5 Great places to Hang Sticks Mirrors

Entries, rooms that lack natural light and dining areas can be a great place for any Sticks mirror in our catalog. Entryways and mudrooms represent an opportunity for creative lighting, functional furnishings, candles, ambiance, art and reflection.

All the mirrors in our Sticks mirror catalog are painted art pieces; so why not display them like art? Try placing multiple Sticks mirrors on the same wall, grouped in a visually-pleasing way. For variety, you could mix in some of our Sticks wall plaques.

Sticks mirrors bring light and depth into rooms along with uplifting messages.

If you want to emphasize views, colors or art place your Sticks mirror to reflect & multiply the effect.

According to Feng shui experts, Sticks mirrors about Health & Family will be especially effective when placed on a wall on the East side of your home.

Avoid these 2 areas when hanging a Sticks Mirror

Feng Shui proponents caution against mirrors directly facing the main door or on a wall facing your bed.