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Dandelion Flower Jewelry

Dandelion Flower Jewelry by Michael Michaud

The Michael Michaud Jewelry Collection, designed by Michael Michaud, is a world renowned collection of botanical jewelry. It captures the beauty and exquisite detail of nature using soft patinas on bronze accented with pearls, beads, coral and stones. His exacting attention to detail gives you true to nature, botanical jewelry.

Michael Michaud beautifully renders Dandelion jewelry pieces in this series. His botanical Dandelion jewelry pieces of necklaces, earrings, and pins look great for everyday wear. You will be truly surprised with how life like these pieces appear.

The word "Dandelion" is from the French, "tooth of the lion" because of the jagged edges of the leaves. There are also many superstitions about the Dandelion. One of the most common is that if you make a wish and all the seeds are blown off in one breath, your wish will come true. Another, is if some of the seeds remain, this is the number of children you will have. Lovers use Dandelion seeds to send messages to each other, for as well as diving the future, the Dandelion means Faithfulness.

Each piece of Michael Michaud Jewelry is handcrafted in New York, U.S.A.