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Amazing sculptures to collect, play and gift!

Kaleidoscopes at Remarkable Things at Stowe Craft

Remarkable Things at Stowe Craft has been the place to see kaleidoscopes in the North East for over 30 years.

On July 16, 2000 the gallery hosted the 1st of what turned out to be 9 yearly kaleidoscopes festivals. You can see the kaleidoscope show logo to the right and read the original announcement below.

Kaleidoscopes in Vermont

Today, A great selection of different kaleidoscopes may be found whenever you visit Stowe Craft.

  • Brass Kaleidoscopes like those by the Chesniks
  • Stained Glass Kaleidoscopes such as made by David & Nadreh at Ultimate Reflections
  • Silky Smooth wooden 'scopes by Henry Bergeson
  • Amazing tiny kaleidoscope necklaces
  • And even nice paper 'kaleidoscopes for the kids

Historical Kaleidoscope Show

Stowe Craft Gallery announces the First Annual Vermont Kaleidoscope Festival.

A vast array of kaleidoscopes will be on display in Stowe,Vermont at the Stowe Craft Gallery Design Center.

The two day event is open to the public 12 Noon -- 5 PM each day. Win a FREE kaleidoscope at the festival or online.

Several of the nations most accomplished kaleidoscope makers are planning to attend. They will show their latest work and talk about their craft.

Many of us remember kaleidoscopes as a fun, cheap toy from our childhood. In the last dozen years kaleidoscopes have had a renaissance. People now invest in them as art and employ them as new age tools for healing and meditation. Cozy Baker, founder of the Brewster society for designers, collectors and lovers of kaleidoscopes was recently named one of the 20 most influential on craft this century. "Kaleidoscopes are the most popular item on our web site. They are fun, kind of hard to find, and make one of the best housewarming gifts", according to Stephen Fishman, co-owner of Stowe Craft Gallery.