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Kitchen Tabletop Lazy Susans

Handcrafted & printed lazy susans, the perfect kitchen assistant!

'The Cleverest Waitress in the World Just $8.50'

WE have traced the mention of "Lazy Susan" to an advertisement in the December 1917 issue of Vanity Fair magazine. Ovington's, a now-defunct New York store, ran the ad. It was a two-page Christmas promotion that spotlighted a number of fancy household items as possible gift ideas. Item No. 365: a mahogany tabletop tray that measured 16 inches in diameter and cost $8.50. This was no ordinary tray. Mounted on a mahogany base, it revolved on ball bearings "to help you serve things easily." The description: "$8.50 forever seems an impossibly low wage for a good servant; and yet here you are; Lazy Susan, the cleverest waitress in the world, at your service!"