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Ash Leaf Jewelry

Ash Leaf Jewelry by Michael Michaud

The Michael Michaud Jewelry Collection, designed by Michael Michaud, is a world renowned collection of botanical jewelry. It captures the beauty and exquisite detail of nature using soft patinas on bronze accented with pearls, beads, coral and stones. His exacting attention to detail gives you true to nature, botanical jewelry.

The Ash Leaf comes from the ash tree. It's name traces back to Olde English and can also be traced back to basic latin. Both words also mean "spear" relating back to the shape of the leaf. The wood of the ash tree is preferable for building staircases and is often used for guitar construction.

In Greek mythology, the Meliae were nymphs of the ash, perhaps specifically of the manna ash, as dryads were nymphs of the oak. They appear in Hesiod's Theogony. Elsewhere in Europe, snakes were said to be repelled by ash leaves or a circle drawn by an ash branch. Irish folklore claims that shadows from an ash tree would damage crops. In Cheshire, it was said that ash could be used to cure warts and rickets. In Sussex, the ash tree and the elm tree were known as "widowmakers" because large boughs would often drop without warning.

Each piece of Michael Michaud Jewelry is handcrafted in New York, U.S.A.