Chandelier Quartz & Labradorite Dangle Earrings

Chandelier Quartz & Labradorite Dangle Earrings

Code: ananda_khalsa_quartz_and_labradorite_earrings

Price: $2,995.00


These Ananda Khalsa statement dangle earrings are made for a queen- and you are that queen! Each Ananda Khalsa earring has a tear drop shaped pink quartz with three tear drop shaped labradorites dangling from small 22k gold charms. The dazzling pink quartz sparkles in the light and the labradorite drops are forever changing facets of beauty.

These stunning Ananda Khalsa earrings have all the gemstones set in the finest 22k gold bezels with silver backs and 18k gold earwires. Each earring measures approximately 1 3/4" and 2 1/16" including the earwires.