Corda Lee Parlor Kaleidoscope

Corda Lee Parlor Kaleidoscope

Code: cordalee-kaleidoscope-bergeson

Price: $995.00


The Corda Lee is a large parlor kaleidoscope with quite a few unique features.

It is a full 16 inches tall when on it's stand and anout 16 inches long. But slide it back a little and you may lift the kaleidoscope off the stand. It feels wonderful in your hands. It is made with a rich brown African bubinga wood.

The image chamber is a liquid filled cylinder. Push it out, a magnet and the curve of the 'scope hold it in place. You will finf there are 2 other cylinders attached by magents to the base. Bergeson has filled each of these with different colored and shaped objects. So now it is a parlor scope, a handheld scope and it comes with 3 completely different images to look at. But there is one more special feature.

The Corda Lee Kaleidoscope has it's own light source built in. You push the brass button at the front of the scope and you will have light. The LED light is on a timer and will shut off automatically after about a minute. The 3 aaa batteries are easily accessed via a compartment on the underside of the scope. This setup means the batteries will last a very long time. It's a great feature for those evenings you want to look through your kaleidoscope and the room is dark.

It is signed by the artist inside the battery compartment