Sabra Field Print Haying Near Camel's Hump II

Sabra Field Print Haying Near Camel's Hump II

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Haying Near Camel's Hump II is from a collage prototype. It was an edition of 100, produced and sold by the Middlebury College Museum of Art during the course of my one-person show in 2002.

Sabra says: "I've always wished I had prints to sell myself, so here it is again in a bigger size, identified as the second edition, "II" The view is Vermont's signature peak as one sees it from Addison County, looking east."

This print is an archival giclee print, limited edition of only 100 that measures 24" x 17" unframed. Framed it measures 33" x 26.5". Please note our frames for Sabra Field are really special. The frame colors are blended aniline dyes developed just for this print to bring out the mix of colors Sabra has used in it. These are transparent dyes mixed by local framer Lassie Barile to impart a rich, complementary color without obscuring the grain.