Sabra Field Mountain Spring

Sabra Field Mountain Spring

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The Mountain Suite was first published in 1979 in open editions, and many of you longtime collectors have acquired your impressions over the next several years. By 1987, Sabra decided to give it a rest and move on to other images. But now that Archival Giclee Pigment Print is available, Sabra decided the prints deserve a new life. Here she gives you Mountain Sprint from the suite. A blue bird sky hangs in the sky of this picture, just like the clear chilling days of Spring in Vermont. A little A-frame home with it's chimney billowing smoke sits to the left of a grouping of bare stick trees. Behind the home are rolling hills of bare trees with lots of snow.

Unframed this print measures 15" x 10". Framed it measures 22" x 17". Please note a frame color you would like during shopping.