Sabra Field Star Farm Print

Sabra Field Star Farm Print

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Sabra Field's 'Star Farm' is sure to become a classic! A wintry night Vermont scene is the perfect gift or print to add to your home's walls. In the print a home sits quietly at the foothills of rolling mountains. It's roof is covered in snow and light streams from it's windows reflecting onto the freshly fallen snow. A rooster weather vain is perched on the roof of the house. A royal blue sky is speckled full of brightly twinkling stars. What a scene for the people who live here!

Sabra wrote a little poem about this print. We think you will like it. It goes a little something like this: "Supper's almost ready, chores still light the barn. Stars above the snowy fields, illuminate the farm."

This is an archival pigment print and an open edition. First created in 2016.

This print is available framed. It can also be special ordered as a print. Contact us if you would be interested in learning more about our framing process.