Bahamian Bay Wire Earrings- Patina Options

Bahamian Bay Wire Earrings- Patina Options

Code: sil-bahamian-bay-wire-earrings

Price: $63.95

Patina Options:

The Bahamian Bay wire earrings are made of cast bronze with green patina and 24k gold plating or black patina and 24k gold plating.

These beautiful earrings are approximately 1 inch in length.

Michael Michaud beautifully renders Bahamian Bay jewelry pieces in this series. His botanical Bahamian Bay jewelry pieces of necklaces and earrings look great for everyday wear and have a bohemian vibe to them.

Bahamian Bay is a shrub native to the sunny islands of the Bahamas. It thrives in the sandy soil and sunny salt breezes. It is commonly used to decorate the beautiful homes of the islands.