Levi's Leaves Picture Frame

Levi's Leaves Picture Frame

Code: sin-5x7pictureframe-levisleaves

Price: $95.00


This 5" by 7" printed picture frame from Sincerely, Sticks is a perfect addition to your home depicting the changing of the seasons. In each corner of the picture frame there is a different flower or plant to represent each season. For the winter there are pine needles and pine cones, oak leaves and acorns for the fall, daisies for the summer, and little pink flowers for the spring. This picture frame measures 12.5 inches by 10.5 inches for the entire frame.

Each Sincerely, Sticks picture frame is hand printed and pulled from a Sticks original piece. Each frame is made in the same Des Moines, Iowa studio as Sticks originals.