Sticks Kitchen Clock

Sticks Kitchen Clock

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Price: $529.00


This Sticks clock is perfect for a kitchen or dining room! What a great gift this Sticks clock would be for a cooking lover! This Sticks clock's top arch has square edges and is painted and stained green with a black and white checkered design on it's bottom. A juicy, bright red apple is at the top of the clock's arch. The clock's face is bright yellows, oranges, and greens. Pink flowers are at the clock's center behind where the hands are placed. A cook book, salt and pepper, a rolling pin, a steaming tea cup with a lemon slice, a tea pot, sugar, flour, and a delicious pie all float around the face of the clock. Around the face of the clock it reads: "Cook up a storm - Chit Chat - Cherish Family and Friends - Eat good food and share - Celebrate Tradition - Create".

This Sticks Kitchen clock measures 2 inches deep, 13 inches wide and 15.5 inches tall.