6 Foot Metal Moose Sculpture

6 Foot Metal Moose Sculpture

Code: yar1_6ft-metal-moose

Price: $475.00


This 6 foot tall moose is a new metal sculpture. It fits in nicely with our full size moose and our 4 foot tall moose. He would be a nice companion for most any critter in your home or yard.

He is handmade with salvaged steel parts and pieces. Standing almost 6 feet tall ( This particular one came in at 5 foot nine inches ), this moose would be a nice addition to any home or yard. His coat will turn rust-brown red just like the moose we see from time to time in our Vermont fields, marshes and woods.

His head and legs do come off when he travels, so he ships and assembles easily. You just need a pair of pliers or a wrench to loosen/ tighten the bolts on his legs.