Vermont Seasons Bar Table & 2 Stools Set

Vermont Seasons Bar Table & 2 Stools Set

Code: 4-seasons-30-inch-bar-table

Price: $5,300.00


A great place to sit by a window or any nook you have. This bar height, round top pedestal table is 30 inches in diameter and 42 inches tall. The top is etched, stained, painted and sealed with a 4 seasons theme. A snowman, the beginnings of a nice garden, a summery home near a pond and of course, fall in Vermont grace the table top. The words engraved around it inspire with sayings like: watch sunsets - take time to play - smell the flowers - dream and more.

The artwork continues down to the base which is substantial and prevents the table from any tippiness. Not only do the Sticks artists make the art, they also make the table so you can be sure it is substantial and made to last generations.