Keepsake Jar

Keepsake Jar


Price: $56.00


What would you put in this 6" handmade covered jar? Sugar, Coffee, Treasures!? Measures approximately 6 inches by 6 inches. Artistic and vibrant glazes that are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe make these pieces extremely versatile and functional.

These jars are designed for function as well as beauty. The jars glaze contains no lead or other toxic materials, and with proper care, you may use this piece in both your conventional oven and microwave. These jars are also dishwasher safe. Avoid extreme temperature changes by placing the piece in the oven before pre-heating. Do not place on electric burner, or open flame. Do not freeze.

Each piece is hand glazed, so colors and patterns may vary slightly from photos shown. They may have variations in glaze colors, crystal formations. Glazes may incorporate greens, creams, blues and gold. If you are looking for a specific glaze please contact us.