Floret Dichroic Brass or Chrome

Floret Dichroic Brass or Chrome


Price: $222.00

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A hand-held 3-mirror kaleidoscope in brass or chrome with two interchangeable and independently turning wheels. One of the wheels is composed of highly reflective textured dichroic glass, and the second wheel of smooth dichroic glass. Together, these color wheels produce intense, beautiful and surprising patterns.

The primary wheel, the one closest to your eye, produces most of the image and the secondary wheel provides a background or accent image. The two wheels are interchangeable by a screw-on knob giving you two very unique and exciting kaleidoscopic views.

The kaleidoscope is 8.25"" long x 1.5"" diameter

The wheels are 3"" in diameter

When resting on its custom ""Swiss cheese"" walnut wooden base, the kaleidoscope is 6"" tall.

None of the brass components of this kaleidoscope will ever tarnish, due to a sophisticated metal finishing process.