Small Floret Interchangeable Wheel Kaleidoscope

Small Floret Interchangeable Wheel Kaleidoscope


Price: $222.00

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This kaleidoscope has a 6-point, 3-mirror system, two interchangeable and independently turning wheels, and two additional wheels stored on its custom base. The wheels are made using a stained glass technique, and consist of:

  • Brazilian agate stone, lovely for its variety of color and striations
  • multicolored textured dichroic glass, which is glass that is treated with multiple layers of metal oxides, making it highly reflective and very vivid
  • multicolored smooth dichroic glass
  • brass plated metal filigree, creating a lacy effect

The primary wheel, the one closest to your eye, produces most of the image and the secondary wheel provides a background or accent image. The four wheels that come with thie kaleidoscope are interchangeable by a screw-on knob giving you almost endless very unique and exciting kaleidoscopic views.

The kaleidoscope is 7-1/2"" long x 2-1/2"" diameter

The wheels are 2-1/4"" in diameter

When resting on its custom walnut base, the kaleidoscope measures 7-1/2"" long x 2"" wide x 3-7/8"" tall.