Custom Pet Portrait Pendant

Custom Pet Portrait Pendant


Price: $275.00


Once we receive your order, we will contact you to get your photograph*.

A pendant for those of us who love our pets and aren't afraid to show it!

Whether you want to show off your dog, cat, cockatiel, ferret or guinea pig, these charms have a unique pictorial representation your favorite critter. Made of sterling silver, they are domed and imprinted with a likeness of your pet on one side with a flat back perfect for adding your beloved pet's name or nickname (up to 12 characters) or the birthday/adoption day.

To make the piece, artist e.l.m. harris works from your personal photograph to create a black and white image of your pet. She then creates, by hand, a stamp that she uses to impress the metal. This stamp with your customized pet's image is included, so you can stamp any stamp-able surface with your pet's lovely face!

*Please provide a high resolution (300dpi) photo with moderate contrast between the animal's face and the background. Avoid photos where elements (such as ears, tails, etc) are cropped out of the photograph as this will be evident in the outline. Additionally, try to avoid busy photos: For example, the animal is surrounded by blankets, toys or clothing, unless you'd like these items included on the outline.