Floating I-Beam Table

Floating I-Beam Table


Price: $1,095.00


Wood beam legs, glass topped table with an interesting, salvaged I-Beam floating in the center.

In stock, this table is 36 inch x 14 inch x 32 inch

This I-Beam is a true part of American history. It's shape is a"wide flange". Before Bethlehem Steel developed and patented a method to make these beams, steel beams could not extend over 10 stories. Wide flange steel beams like the one in this table are how the skyline of every major American city was made possible.

This industrial modern design may be custom made in a variety of ways. The legs can be made to order at almost any height. We have had them made for everything from 18 inch tall coffee tables to 42 inch tall bistro tables.
The steel bolt between the legs can also be changed. This allows the basic table to be square or rectangular with almost any dimensions.