Branch Market & Picnic Tote | Thermal Lining | Medium

Branch Market & Picnic Tote | Thermal Lining | Medium

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The Millie | Lottie's Branch Market & Picnic Tote has a removable cutting board and a thermal lining. It is perfect for carrying a side dish, salad bowl, appetizers, cake as well as a bottle of wine (or two) and serving utensils. This is the pefect tote to carry all the necessites for a picnic or to bring food to a party or BBQ. Remove the cutting board and you have an everyday tote as a purse. Great for carrying your computer, books and more. The design has a wide opening for easy access and an addition of new 1' leather straps that can be carried along side you or over your shoulder. This tote can also be used for an outing to your local farmer's market or a trip to the grocery store. An eco-friendly way to to carry your groceries and food items.

This tote is designed to carry a light bamboo cutting board. Remove it for multifuntional uses.

  • 1 layer of 15 oz canvas + thermal spill-proof lining
  • Removable, light bamboo cutting board
  • Wine bottle-strap 9.5" x 9.5" x 11
  • 1" leather straps that are perfect for carrying by your side or over shoulder
  • Colors: Natural with silver lining or Black with silver lining
  • Spot Clean and/or hand wash and air dry, press to perk
  • Sustainably handmade in San Francisco, U.S.A.