Jon Olsen - Crop Lines

Jon Olsen - Crop Lines

Code: OLS_crop-lines

Price: $60.00


Jon Olsen's 'Crop Lines' is a beautiful photograph with large swatches of bright green, tan and white. The green crops are basking in the mid day sun with a beautiful contract between it and the sky.

This is an archival print on watercolor paper of an actual photograph. The dimensions above are of the matting or the size of the frame not the size of the actual photograph.

Size of Image for Size of Framing/Matting
2" x 6" image in 8" x 10" framing/matting
4" x 12" image in 16" x 20" framing/matting
7" x 21" image in 20" x 30" framing/matting
10.5" x 31.5" image in 24" x 40" framing/matting