Hemimorphite Turquoise Druzy Necklace

Hemimorphite Turquoise Druzy Necklace

Code: ananda_hemimorphite_druzy_necklace

Price: $350.00


This exquisite Ananda Khalsa necklace is so petite and sweet! A single turquoise colored hemimorphite druzy hangs from this necklace in a 22k gold bezel with a silver back and on an oxidized silver chain. The chain has a "S" hook closure.

Druzy is the glittering effect of tiny crystals over top a colorful mineral. Druzy quartz is made up of many tiny crystals and it has a velvety and soft appearance to it. There can be large formed crystals or many medium crystals with the formation.

The pendant measures 1/2" approximately and the chain measures 16 inches in length.