Dragonfly Painted Earrings with Tanzanite Drop

Dragonfly Painted Earrings with Tanzanite Drop

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These precious Ananda Khalsa painted dragonfly earrings are the perfect earring to wear all the time! Ananda Khalsa herself hand paints the design of the dragonfly and violet flowers and then places it behind hand ground glass in a all silver bezel. They are narrow oval shaped body earrings with a small trio silver accent with a peppy purple tanzanite drop.

With its delicate and graceful wings reflecting light, the Dragonfly represents the light of a new day and joyfulness. The Dragonfly paintings by Ananda Khalsa are a very popular design for Stowe Craft Gallery.

Measure approximately 1 3/4" long including the earwire, 1 1/2" long with out.