Painted Plum Blossom Pendant

Painted Plum Blossom Pendant

Code: ananda_khalsa_painted_moon_blossom_pendant

Price: $495.00


This beautiful hand painted pendant necklace by Ananda Khalsa is sure to become a favorite of yours! Delicately rendered on watercolor paper and with acrylic paints, Ananda Khalsa painted a plum tree blossoming in the moon light. The sky is a beautiful purple blue and the slender tree branches reach across the sky with radiant pink/purple blossoms. A round, full moon shows brightly in the sky. Plum blossom trees have gained many meanings and symbolism. The fragrant blossoms and tender green shoots of the plum emerging even before the winter shows have melted represents rebirth and renewal.

The painting is set in a 22k bezel with a silver back. It has three little 22k dots at the bottom of the pendant. Hands from a darkened, oxidized silver chain of 16 inches. Has a "S" closure.