Painted Spring Maple Necklace with Vesuvianite

Painted Spring Maple Necklace with Vesuvianite

Code: ananda_khalsa_painted_springmaple_necklace

Price: $895.00


This Ananda Khalsa painted spring maple necklace is sure to bring a smile to your loved one's face. Ananda Khalsa beautifully rendered a maple tree in spring with bright green leaves and a meandering branches. It is painted on a oval of watercolor paper with acrylic paint and set behind hand ground glass. The painting is dangling from a slightly smaller oval gemstone of green vesuvianite. Both painting and vesuvianite are set in 22k gold bezels. They have silver backs.

The spring maple also has many meanings and symbolism associated with it. A deciduous tree whose leaves are shed and then reborn season after season, the maple tree is a symbol of the endless cycle of life. Here in Vermont the Maple brings amazing colors in the fall- bringing flocks of people during 'foliage season'.

Hangs from a double strand of silver chain with a lobster closure. Chain is 16 inches. The pendant from end to end measures 1 inch in length.