Rose Cut Opal with Diamonds Necklace

Rose Cut Opal with Diamonds Necklace

Code: ananda_khalsa_rosecut_opal_with_diamonds

Price: $2,095.00


The Ananda Khalsa opal necklace is absolutely stunning. A beautiful and dazzling tear drop opal is the main attraction of this necklace. It is set in 22k gold and has a diamond trio at it's bottom that glistens in the light- these diamonds are also set in 22k gold. The pendant hangs from a chain of 14k gold, and has little 22k gold ovals stationed on the chain for added emphasis.

The opal is the birthstone of October and is said to have many meanings and symbolism. Opal is a stone of inspiration which enhances imagination and creativity. It can bring inspiration to projects and to life and Spirit. Its own spirit is at times like that of a child spontaneously playing, dashing color where ever it  pleases. Carrying this imaginative spontaneity from the opal into the realm of your life can bring strong creativity.

The pendant measures 1 inch in length approximately, and hangs from a 16.5 inch chain.