Teardrop Lotus Painted Stacking Ring

Teardrop Lotus Painted Stacking Ring

Code: ananda_khalsa_tiny_lotus_painted_stacking_ring

Price: $350.00


This Ananda Khalsa ring is sure to become a favorite of yours! Featuring a teeny tiny painting of a lotus by Ananda Khalsa, the painting is then placed under hand ground glass. Lotus flowers have many meanings. Sprouting from the murky mud at the bottom of the pond, the lotus rises above the water to create its exquisite bloom. This makes it a symbol of purity and enlightenment in many eastern philosophies. Lotus flower has great meaning in Buddhism, Hinduism, and also Egyptian culture.

This set of stacking rings by Ananda Khalsa contains five silver bands total. One band has the lotus painting behind hand ground glass and a silver bezel. Two bands have two rubies set on them in silver. The other two are simple, thin bands of silver.

The lotus painting is in a teardrop shape and measures 1/2" by 1/4".