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SKU: buffy-house-chicken Buffy Fluffybutt

Buffy Fluffybutt
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  • SKU: buffy-house-chicken Buffy Fluffybutt

  • $118.00


Buffy Fluffybutt holds the record for the most eggs laid in a week - twenty-five!

Wait, twenty-five? Is that possible? Maybe she means the record for the loveliest eggs laid in a week? Or the biggest lie told this week? Whatever the truth is, we love our Buffy Fluffybutt.

Thisbirdsabsurd's House Chickens are the softest, most snuggly and cuddly chickens ever made. They are perfect for hugging! These amazing birds are handmade in New Hampshire and are inspired by a real flock of chickens. Buffy Fluffybutt has silky tan feathers made of faux fur. 

Approximate dimensions:

15" from tail to head
12" bottom to top in the center
15" from top of tail to bottom of chicken
About 8" wide