Flambeaux Bistro Mug

Flambeaux Bistro Mug

Code: cam-bistro-mug-flambeaux

Price: $29.00


You can never be sure what you are going to get with flambeaux glaze, but you can be sure it will be both unique and gorgeous! The 11 oz. bistro mug is perfect for holding your beverage of choice. Sleek and clean lines give it the perfect canvas for the flambeaux glaze.

This mug's glaze contains no lead or other toxic materials, and with proper care, you may use it in both your conventional oven and microwave. This beer mug is also dishwasher safe. Avoid extreme temperature changes by placing the piece in the oven before pre-heating. Do not place on electric burner, or open flame. Do not freeze.

This piece features Bill Campbell Studio's amazing flambeaux glaze. Flambeaux glazes are known for their subtle color variations, random occurrences and impressionistic appearance. This surface infuses each piece that it touches with a mystery and power that capture the unpredictability of nature. Your imagination will find floating galaxies, frosty windows, rare gemstones or exotic flowers. No two will ever be alike. Each piece is a singular and original work of art to be enjoyed for many generations.