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SKU: 056004 Chattered Mug
Chattered Mug
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  • SKU: 056004 Chattered Mug

  • $39.95
Matthew Tell | Chattered Mug

We were drawn to Matthew’s pottery early on for its down to earth look and feel, and occasional surprising flashes of violet blue. Influenced tremendously by the Green Mountains, Matthew lets the “awesome power” of his hand-built kiln determine the outcome. As such, each texturized or “chattered” mug is rendered totally unique from the other and may not appear exactly like our images. Please let us know upon completion of your order whether you prefer us to randomly select your mug(s) or whether we should attempt to select ones that closely resemble each other as much as possible. 
  • Measures: approximately 4.5” tall and holds 11 oz.
“I like improvising,” Matthew says, “letting the process determine the outcome. Wood firing fulfills this need because each firing is different and full of unintended surprises.”