Charcoal Color Spirit Kaleidoscope

Charcoal Color Spirit Kaleidoscope

Code: collier_charcoal_color_spirit_kaleidoscope

Price: $59.99


Experience the joy, relaxation, and tranquility of the Collier Color Therapy Kaleidoscope! These kaleidoscopes celebrate the spirit and character of specific colors- in this case charcoal! Each colored kaleidoscope is unique in its ability to connect with people and effect their moods- one color may effect you in a certain way but will effect someone else differently. Creative inspiration, relaxation, meditation and color therapy are some ways people connect and experience these kaleidoscopes. Stowe Craft Gallery wants to invite you to find the color that moves you the most!

This kaleidoscope measures 8 1/4 inches tall and 2 3/4 inches in diameter. Looking through the lens cap, spin the bottom cap to swirl the hand crafted objects inside. The pieces tumble in mineral oil so the pattern will never be the same or repeated. Each viewing is unique! Around the entire bottom cap you can see these hand crafted objects inside. This is where the light gets in- the brighter the light the better viewing it is. When looking through the kaleidoscope, have the dust slide to your left to view the mandala within expanding. When looking through the kaleidoscope, have the dust slide to your right to view the mandala within contracting.