Craft IPA Beer Glass

Craft IPA Beer Glass

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Get our new hand crafted beer glasses and maximize your enjoyment of handcrafted beer!

Each of our tulip shaped beer glasses has a crystal clear top with distinctive flame-worked glass swirls. The sturdy stem has a matching colored tornado in it.

Tulip glasses are in the top three of the most important beer glass styles. They make a great gift for any beer connoisseur. This is the beer glass style needed to properly serve our Vermont award winning IPAs and ales. They are designed to capture and enhance volatiles, while inducing and supporting large foamy heads.

Glasses shown with Sapphire, Emerald and Aqua flame-worked swirls. Other colors are "in the works".

Each glass is 7" tall with a wide foot and a nice hefty feel. They are perfect for a 16 oz pour.