Hummingbird & Gramophone Thaumatrope Necklace

Hummingbird & Gramophone Thaumatrope Necklace

Code: har1-p-thaumatrope-hummingbird

Price: $150.00


Made from sterling silver, this beautiful and unique pendant necklace is also a thaumatrope. With a hummingbird on one side of the flat circular pendant and a gramophone on the other, twisting the chain creates a fluttering hummingbird hovering over a gramophone.

The two sides of the pendant make this two necklaces in one and create a delightful optical illusion. This is a wonderful piece of jewelry for any age.

Be sure to watch to video for the full effect of this enchanting necklace!

On a fascinating side-note, thaumatropes, which were very popular in the 19th century are recognized as important antecedents of cinematography and in particular animation.

The pendant measures 1 1/8" in diameter and the chain measures 20" end to end.