Uncommon Scents Brass Art Nouvea Pendant

Uncommon Scents Brass Art Nouvea Pendant

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Price: $68.00


Inspired by her positive experiences with aromatherapy, Erin Harris decided to create her Uncommon Scents line. Erin combined the power of soothing aromatherapy scents with a beautifully unique pendant. As a child, Erin's mother often times wore lavender perfume. Inhaling and exhaling deeply to fend off anxiety, the smell of lavender still calms Erin today.

Putting the power of scent, breath, and beauty to work, Erin wanted others to experience the benefits of aromatherapy. Each pendant comes with four felt pads so you are able to have several different scents. Simply put a few drops of essential oils on a pad, tuck it into the back of the pendant and you are good to go!

Each pendant is cast of brass and the chain is made of brass as well. The pendant measures just under 7/8" and the chain measures 20".