Starry Sky Votive- Height Options

Starry Sky Votive- Height Options

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Starry Sky is an original of Tabbatha's. It is elegant and everlasting. Mesmerizing, the light sparkles through, and creates beautiful patterns on your table. Though named for the night sky in Vermont, it can be interpreted in many ways. What will you see?

Available in white only. Included with each piece is a glass votive liner, whose use is recommended as the holes will allow melting wax to pour onto your table.

Cast of translucent porcelain and individually hand-decorated so no two pieces are exactly the same. For use with tea light or votive candle. Hand wash with soap and warm water.

Measures approximately 3 1/2 inches in diameter. Tabattha Henry's Votives are smaller in size compared to her luminarys and also let more light in. They require only one candle to light them up.