Bag of Marbles

Bag of Marbles

Code: kids_bag-of-marbles

Price: $14.50


One bag filled to the brim with marbles of varying sizes and colors! What's better than that!?

We looked for years to find a good marble bag at a reasonable price. This bag is great for marbles and other treasures. It is made of good quality velour/ velveteen and has a cord drawstring at the top. The bag measures 4 inches wide and 5 and a half inches deep. We'll pick out a nice assortment of marbles for you. You'll get lots of different marbles in a variety of sizes. When I dumped out one of the full bags pictured, there were 44 marbles in there. Can you find them all in the photo?

(If you want or don't want specific colors, just let us know in the remarks section during checkout)