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SKU: 007161 Silver & Diamond Audry Ring

Silver & Diamond Audry Ring
Purchase Silver & Diamond Audry Ring
  • SKU: 007161 Silver & Diamond Audry Ring

  • $1,375.00
The silver and diamond Audry Ring by Rene Escobar is a beautiful design made of darkened silver and dazzling diamonds. Like all of Rene's work, this ring is truly a work of art. The Audry ring has a beautiful tapered shape, being thinner in the back and widest at the front of the ring. A winding band of 12 diamonds meanders across the ring that have been bezel set flush along the darkened silver ring. The ring's band is made from darkened oxidized silver and the bezels are made from bright and sparkling polished silver. This ring is a beautfiul design that will shine and sparkle - you will not believe just how dazzling this ring is on your finger. Not to mention, this ring is so comfortable and smooth when it is on your hand. Not surprising when we know that Rene Escobar is the masterful maker of the Audry ring. It feels like the ring is made for your finger with it's sleek and smooth ergonomic fit is.

This ring's tappered chape ranges from slightly more than 1/2 cm to slightly over 1 cm. The Audry ring from Rene Escobar has a total carat weight of 0.65. Not currently in stock. Special orders taking up to 8 weeks.