Sabra Field Sheep Farm Print

Sabra Field Sheep Farm Print

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This Sabra Field Print, 'Sheep Farm', is apart of Sabra's Farm Suite. Sabra Field depicts the new and old of Vermont in this print. In the foreground several maples are ablaze with orange leaves- definitely at the peak of foliage. A house with a Greek revival porch from many years ago show the handsome reminders of Vermont's once wealthy past. In the background little puffs of white, which are sheep, roam around grazing freely. Although the great sheep boom of the 19th century is a distant memory in Vermont, raising lamb and spinning wool persists here. In the background scores of yellow leaved trees are shown in the foothills of a gradually slopping mountain. At the top of the print the trees gradually change to pines- showing the change in elevation and the beginning of the alpine zone of the mountain.

This is an archival pigment print and an open edition. First created in 2016.

This print is available only framed. Professionaly framed in a beautiful green frame. Measures approx 22 inches by 17 inches. Please let us know if you would like to see images of the print with framing.