Sabra Field White Out Print

Sabra Field White Out Print

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This Sabra Field print depicts the scenes on the farm during a heavy snow storm. Big bales of hay have been wrapped in white plastic to prevent them from being tarnished during the winter months. At a glance these large hay bales look like huge marshmallows! In the background a barn, green house, silo, and farmhouse all loom in the distance. Two lit windows inside the farm house show the sign of humans- most likely warming their hands and toes in front of the fire before continuing with the many farm chores of the day. The sky and hills become one in swatches of grey and blue. Snow comes down from the sky heavily in little dots of white.

Sabra says that this is based off of the Hamilton Farms' in Weybridge, Vermont.

This Sabra Field Print is a limited edition series of only 300. It was first made in 2001 and is an archival pigment print from woodcut.

This print is available framed. It can also be ordered as a print via special order. Contact us if you would be interested in learning more about our framing process.