Sabra Field Wind Farm

Sabra Field Wind Farm

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Sabra Field's Wind Farm is apart of her most recent suite, the Farm Suite! In Sabra Field's Wind Farm she depicts the ever changing landscape of Vermont farming. Hay bales rest in the summer sun in the foreground with a freshly cut corn field next to it. The farm fields run along a river. In the background gently rolling hills reveal wind mills peaking from behind them. A little piece of a church steeple also peaks over the rolling hills! The sky is big, blue, and wonderful- just like you would see it on a perfect blue bird day here in Vermont!

Sabra Field had an exact goal when creating this print. She explains it here: "This print is meant to evoke the beauty of an ordered agricultural landscape where man has enhanced nature. Not only do the hay bales and cornfields turn wilderness into three dimensional art but the wind turbines on the ridge line add kinetic sculptures that place the scene in the 21st century where Vermonters accept responsibility for the generation of their power.

This is an archival pigment print and an open edition. First created in 2016.

This print can be framed and can also be special ordered as a print. Contact us if you would be interested in learning more about our framing process.