Sunset Forest Lazy Susan

Sunset Forest Lazy Susan

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Price: $529.00

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This stunning handmade Sticks lazy susan is perfect for your kitchen table or in the dining room. The wooden lazy susan is hand burned, stained, and painted at Sticks' Des Moines, IA studio. It features a forest and mountain scene with rolling hills and snow capped mountains. A beautiful sunset of purples, pinks and oranges with a sun and moon is at the center of the lazy susan with a white dove gracefully flying through the air. A black and white checkered boarder spins around the outside of the lazy susan.

Can be ordered in a 20 inch, 24 inch or 28 inches in size. Let us know if you are interested in something smaller or larger- we can have a custom lazy susan made for you as well. Currently avialble in a 20 inch lazy susan and ready to chip.